How to obtain gas guarantees of origin?

Conexus issue EECS guarantees of origin for gas produced from renewable energy sources, where the principles of the Latvian gas guarantees of origin are described in the gas Domain Protocol here

To obtain guarantees of origin, 2 steps must be followed: 

  1. Register as a user (account holder) in the guarantee of origin registry.
  2. Registration of the production device in the guarantee of origin registry. 

Step 1. A legal person wishing to obtain a gas guarantee of origin or to obtain a guarantees of origin from another market participant must initially register an account in the electronic guarantee of origin registry. In order to become an account holder in the registry, the completed and signed documents must be submitted:

  • Account Holder Registration Form (here).

Please send the electronically* signed documents to the e-mail address

AS “Conexus Baltic Grid” (Conexus) will evaluate whether all necessary information has been received, while asking for clarifications if necessary, including requesting missing documents or additional information. If the necessary information and documents described in Domain protocol D.1.3 are submitted, Conexus will send the Agreement with Standard Terms and Conditions for signing, which is available HERE.

Once the account has been successfully created, the account holder will receive an email with instructions on how to log in to the account. Account holders are subject to account maintenance and operation fees as specified in the section “Fees for using the guarantee of origin registry”.

Step 2. In order to obtain guarantees of origin, the account holder must register production device in the guarantee of origin registry. The following documents must be submitted for registration:

  • Production device Registration Form approved by an independent accredited auditor (here);
  • A connection diagram of the production unit, including details of the production equipment, auxiliary production equipment, measurement points in accordance with paragraph C2.1.2 of the EECS Rules;
  • Information on separately installed self-consumption measuring devices (if any);
  • Power of attorney (if the account holder is not the owner or sole owner of the production unit).

In order to request a guarantee of origin, the producer must also submit a Production and Consumption Declaration, certified by the Production Auditor, available (here).

Please send electronically* signed documents to

Only production devices located in Latvia and producing gas from renewable energy sources, that is injected in the interconnected gas system, can be registered in the Latvian registry. The production device must comply with Latvian legislation and the requirements for guarantees of origin of the European Energy Certificate System (EECS).

According to the Energy Law, the Cabinet of Ministers shall determine the procedure for monitoring and accounting biomethane that is not injected into the interconnected gas system (off-grid). Until such procedure will be developed, Conexus can only issue guarantees of origin for gas injected into the interconnected system.

* In case an electronic signature does not comply with the recognized clectronic signature formats in Latvia, an agreement on the recognition of electronic signatures shall be concluded. The electronic signature formats recognized in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania: 

  • .edoc
  • .asice
  • .adoc

Electronic signatures can be validated here