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Fuel gas consumption coefficient

According to with changes in Regulations of use of the Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage Facility 2018 on the 1st of June the system users should provide a fuel gas for the pumping units during injection time. The coefficient has not applied to virtual reverse flow – for gas injection during the withdrawal season.

2021/2022 storage cycle

The fuel gas consumption coefficient for the 2021/2022 season is CFG = 1,16%

2020/2021 storage cycle

2019/2020 storage cycle



The fuel gas coefficient is calculated taking into account:

  • average annual consumption of each compressor station for the 5 years of operation, with the highest annual consumption from 2008
  • the percentage of use of each compressor station, for the 5 years of operation, with the highest consumption
  • applying the unpredictable external factor coefficient of 5%
  • the fuel gas coefficient is determined to two decimal places
  • the coefficient is recalculated once a year, after the end of the injection season.