About the company

JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” is an independent and competitive company with a high quality of service that enables development opportunities for customers as well as employees.

The company was set up in December 2016, when JSC „Latvijas Gāze” was reorganized into two separate structural units due to following liberalization of the Latvian gas market on April 3, 2017, in accordance with the principles of regulated market established by the European Union (EU) Gas Directive and the Cabinet of Ministers. JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” was handed over the natural gas infrastructure: the unified natural gas transmission system and Inčukalns underground gas storage.

The company cooperates with legal entities - natural gas traders in the Baltic Sea Region - in accordance with the tariffs for natural gas transmission system services set by the Public Utilities Commission. JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” manages one of the most modern natural gas storage facilities in Europe – Inčukalns underground gas storage, which is an important strategic object in the whole Baltic Sea region. It provides the energy security and independence of the whole region. The active gas capacity of the Inčukalns underground gas storage facility can reach up to 2.3 billion cubic meters, which can fully supply the fuel and energy needs of Latvia and the region. In turn, for traders it is an opportunity to store natural gas in a strategically advantageous place.

The modern natural gas transmission system, which is a part of the company’s structure, is 1190 km long and it directly connects the Latvian natural gas market with Lithuania and Estonia. The transmission system enables traders to provide flexible and secure natural gas deliveries for customers as well as international transit facilities, which is the cornerstone of the region’s natural gas supply.

To ensure efficient supply and delivery of natural gas to traders, JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” carries out maintenance and improvement of the transmission system and storage infrastructure, implements the necessary investments in infrastructure development, monitors and controls the transmission network and storage stability, as well as prevents damage. At the same time JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” is responsible for the reservation and sale of the system and storage capacity, as well as the application of uniform tariffs for the use of the Latvian gas transmission system and storage.