Guarantees of Origin

The demand for renewable gas, such as biomethane, is experiencing significant growth in Europe. Conexus, the natural gas transmission system operator, is actively working to adjust its infrastructure to accommodate the expansion of renewable gases and foster the establishment of a sustainable gas market.

As outlined by the Energy Law, Conexus becomes gas Guarantee of Origin issuing body in Latvia starting from July 1, 2023.

What is gas guarantee of origin?

A guarantee of origin is an electronic document issued for one megawatt-hour (1 MWh) of energy produced and aims to prove to energy end-users that the unit of energy was obtained from renewable energy sources.

What is guarantee of origin registry?

The guarantee of origin registry is the IT system where Conexus administers guarantees of origin by issuing, transferring and cancelling them.

What is the role of Conexus?

Conexus issues and manages gas guarantees of origin under the European Energy Certificate System (EECS).

Conexus shall establish, monitor and maintain an electronic registry of guarantees of origin, where data related to gas guarantees of origin are recorded, stored and processed, and may recognise gas guarantees of origin issued in other countries. The guarantee of origin system  allows the identification, registration and reliable verification of the origin of the renewable gas produced.

As required by Energy Law, Conexus ensures the accounting and quality control for the gas injected in the interconnected gas system.

What is the European Energy Certificate System?

The European Energy Certificate System, or EECS, and its rules are developed by the voluntary Association of Issuing Bodies also known as AIB.

The aim of the AIB is to develop, operate and promote a standardised system, the European Energy Certificate System - EECS. The EECS is based on structures and procedures that ensure the reliable operation of international certification of origin schemes. These schemes meet the criteria of objectivity, non-discrimination, transparency and cost-effectiveness in order to facilitate the international exchange of guarantees of origin.

The EECS operating principles are set out in the EECS rules, available here.

Information on the AIB is available here. Conexus is a member of the AIB, as are other guarantee of origin issuing bodies, for more information click here.

Conexus issue EECS guarantees of origin for gas produced from renewable energy sources, where the principles of the Latvian gas guarantee of origin registry and the administration of guarantees of origin are described in the gas Domain Protocol here