The first construction of direct connection to the natural gas transmission system has started

Since the entry into force of the rules of the Public Utilities Commission (Regulator) on the possibility of organizing the direct connection to the transmission system, six potential users have so far shown interest, informs the unified natural gas transmission and storage system operator JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” (hereinafter – Conexus). The construction of the first direct connection to the natural gas transmission system was started by SIA "RiGas Cylinders” this summer.

Construction works have been started with the development of technical project and the completion of the preparatory work. Implementation and monitoring of the project will be carried out by certified experts from Latvia under the supervision of Conexus.

Ivars Ščerbickis, Head of Technical Development and Investment at Conexus: "The current interest in carrying out the direct connection is relatively high, given the technical and financial complexity of the process. I believe that future interest from the potential system users could only increase, and successful creation of the first project will serve as a certification to many that the construction of such direct connection is feasible. We are currently implementing the first project of this kind, and at the same time it will be an important step toward greater gasification in Latvia.”

Renārs Miķelsons, CEO of SIA "RiGas Cylinders": "We are currently performing the construction of connection to the transmission system in Priekuļi and we are in the construction phase of the project. We have also received technical regulations for the construction of connection in Brocēni Region and we work currently on the design work. We plan to start the first deliveries to our customers in July, by opening the operation of the first gas compressing facility. It should be outlined that the designer, the builder and Conexus have played an important role in the previous experience, without them the implementation of such a scale project would not be possible."

The rules for the installation of the direct connections provide for the possibility for producers of biomethane, LNG system operators and gas users to decide, plan and implement their connection to the natural gas transmission system. The implementation of the connection in cooperation with Conexus is performed following strict technical requirements and operational safety rules for natural gas transmission infrastructure, besides they are only implemented where the relevant experts have established that this is technically feasible. The construction costs of the connection to the natural gas system will be fully covered by SIA "RiGas Cylinders”.