Changes will be made in the Board of JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid”

Zane Kotāne, Chairperson of the Board of the unified natural gas transmission and storage system operator JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” (hereinafter - “Conexus”), will leave the post, accepting new professional challenges.

Since the establishment of Conexus in 2016 till the end of 2017, Zane Kotāne was a Member of the Board of Conexus, but from 2018 she has been the Member of the Board.

Zane Kotāne, Chairperson of the Board of Conexus: "Since the establishment of Conexus it announced itself as an important part of the open natural gas market, whose primary objective is the development and security of the natural gas market in the region. I am very pleased that, we have managed to strengthen this market structure within the sort term and introduce a sustainable operational management into it, ensuring both the introduction of sectoral development programs and investment attraction systems and the development of internal resources and staff competences. I believe that the work carried out so far together enables the company to continue working effectively to achieve the set targets and to set new ambitions in the development of the natural gas market."

It is planned that Z. Kotāne will cease to be the Chairperson of the Board on 26 June.