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An event on sustainable gas infrastructure development will take place

Tomorrow, on 18 September, JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” (Conexus) in cooperation with Riga Technical University (RTU) organizes a thematic day dedicated to the sustainable development of gas infrastructure. It is planned that the event will be attended by industry teachers and practitioners, as well as Yasuhiro Kawaguchi, Ambassador of Japan to Latvia, informing about the bilateral relations between Japan and Latvia and investments of Japan in Latvia.

The planned event is part of the long-term cooperation commenced by Conexus and RTU to promote the development of the gas industry and the acquisition of specific knowledge, as well as attraction of students in the scientific activities on topics in gas industry. Within the framework of this cooperation, at the Faculty of Civil Engineering of RTU the students will be offered this year a study course with specialization on natural gas issues – "Gas and oil transmission systems", but next year – study course "Underground gas storage".

Jānis Eisaks, Chairman of the Board of Conexus informs: "The development of a sustainable natural gas infrastructure depends not only on investment, but also on human resources, so I am convinced that the training of young professionals, the transfer of knowledge and competences to the new generation are crucial to the development of the industry. To do this, the industry must participate and contribute to the development and implementation of study programs that are relevant to the labor market, and that's why we have started an in-depth cooperation with RTU. Besides, I am also pleased that from the experience of the Latvian partner in bilateral partner - Japan the new experts will learn why energy is an industry worth investing, thus demonstrating it perspective also in future.”

Meanwhile, Egils Dzelzītis, Director of RTU Institute of Heat, Gas and Water Technologies, emphasizes that this kind of cooperation allows future students not only to see the practical application of knowledge, but also to assess industry's current and future prospects. “I am pleased that we can provide this added value to our students,” added E. Dzelzītis.

The event will be attended by Yasuhiro Kawaguchi, Ambassador of Japan to Latvia; Egils Dzelzītis, Director of the Institute of Heat, Gas and Water Technologies; Gatis Bažbauers, Deputy Pro-Rector of RTU; Gints Freibergs, Member of the Board of Conexus, leading experts and other experts of the industry.

It should be emphasised that, in addition to the development of two specialized study programs meant for the students of RTU, Conexus collaborates with the University also in the provision of lifelong learning programs for employees with the aim to strengthen their skills and current knowledge. Conexus offers RTU students the possibilities of apprenticeship.