In order to increase supply volumes to Finland, Conexus plans to repair the transmission system

With a view to increasing the volume of natural gas supply to Finland after the installation of compressors in Estonia, repairs are needed in the Latvian transmission system, informs the joint natural gas and transmission operator AS “Conexus Baltic Grid” (Conexus). Repairs are scheduled to take place in May.

On 30 April 2020, the first season of Inčukalns underground gas storage season will be closed,   during which natural gas was also provided to Finnish consumers. Although the beginning of the single natural gas market has been successful and 35% of Finland’s consumption has been delivered from storage, repairs are needed in the Latvian transmission system, taking into account the development of other current infrastructure projects and their impact on the work of international transmission systems.

The repairs take place within the framework of the Latvian - Lithuanian Interconnection Improvement (LLSU) project, which was included in the PCI list of the European Commission, adopted on 24 November 2017, in the gas priority corridor of BEMIP (Baltic Energy Market Interconnection Plan). The LLSU project is an important element to complement the European Union's internal energy market.

The pipeline Vireši – Tallinn repairs at Valmiera will start on May 1 and their first round will be closed on May 31. During this period, the transfer of natural gas towards Estonia will be discontinued, and this is why there will be significantly limited capacity for the Estonian-Finnish connection pipeline Balticconnector for a month. Repairs were planned prior to the completion of the single market for natural gas, so the Conexus has responsibility to inform about these jobs. Conexus shall inform natural gas market participants 42 days in advance of the planned repairs according to EU regulation.

Zane Kotāne, Chairman of the Board of Conexus Baltic Grid, said: “We are aware that limiting the capacity available to the market is an undesirable and unpleasant step, but security of supply is a priority. We have chosen the best available time for repairs in the Vireši – Tallinn pipeline, when Inčukalns underground gas storage is no longer in use because of the end of the withdrawal season, and market consumption is also the lowest possible. This will also have a minimal impact on the injection season, as from June Finnish consumers will also be able to use Balticconnector to plan their injection activities. As repairs will be done in system managed by Conexus, previously such restrictions were published for Latvian entry/exit capacities. Although neither Estonian nor Finnish operators are involved in the repairs, it is necessary to limit the Balticconnector capacity. Consequently all questions on planned works shall be addressed to Conexus representatives. We plan that for the next gas years, it will be possible to harmonise repair plans within the Common market Zone."

“Conexus Baltic Grid”, in cooperation with “Gaso”, will also provide Valmiera gas supply during repairs.

Information on the planned repairs is available HERE.