First direct connection to the gas transmission system commissioned

The natural gas transmission and storage system operator AS “Conexus Baltic Grid” (Conexus) informs that the first direct connection to the gas transmission system has been put into service. The connection was constructed in Priekuļi and its construction was carried out by the company of compressed natural gas, GasOn, which reached around EUR 1 million for the investment of the project.

In the future, thanks to the installation of a direct connection, the gas producer of compressed natural gas will have the possibility to receive gas from transmission systen, which provides several benefits in the production process – higher starting pressure and lower energy consumption savings, and the overall solution is more environmentally friendly.

Ivars Ščerbickis Head of Conexus's Department of Technical Development and Investment, welcomes the project that has been carried out and adds that the successful operation of direct connections in Priekuļi will serve as an example for many customers in the industrial sector. "Despite the fact that such a process has been technically and financially complex for the performer of direct construction, we have jointly demonstrated that we are able to accomplish complex tasks that have a significant impact on the development of the sector. In the past, we felt a heightened interest from the users of the system, and I thought we could prepare for even more demand in the area of such services in the future. It should be said that interest is also relatively high at the moment, particularly on the part of biogas producers."

Renārs Miķelsons, board member of GasOn, points out that the development of a direct connection has been important to enable the company to start producing compressed natural gas (CNG) in the near future and to offer it to consumers: “Our aim is to provide mobile gas supplies in an energy-efficient way, and I believe that the connection to the gas transmission system will allow for lifting. bring our business to a new level by creating convenient solutions for our customers. Together with Conexus high-level specialists, we have completed this complex project, which will allow customers in Latvia to supply higher-quality, eco-relatively clean fuels and transport fuel at a competitive price. Our plans will include expanding the number of sites for the production of compressed natural gas and planning to open it near Saldus, Brocēni in the near future."

According to Miķelsons, the project has lasted a total of around 3 years and its total investment has reached around one million euro, the percentage of which has been directed to build a natural gas compression plant and connect to the transmission system. The direct connection system is ready to launch its operations in an industrial setting by the end of May this year.

According to the rules of the Public Utilities Commission, which entered into force in spring 2019, it is possible for consumers to connect to the natural gas transmission system where this is technically possible. This means that biomethane producers, LNG system operators and natural gas users have the opportunity to decide, plan and implement their own access to the natural gas transmission system.