Conexus connects guarantee of origin registry to the AIB hub

Conexus Baltic Grid (Conexus) as gas guarantee of origin (GO) issuing body in Latvia is pleased about connecting its Guarantee of Origin (GO) registry to the AIB Hub. This is done thanks to the great collaboration with GO registry service provider from Finland “Grexel Systems Oy” (Grexel) and it marks a great milestone in Conexus efforts to enhance renewable gas – biomethane’s development in Latvia by creating reliable and internationally recognized gas GO system under European Energy Certificate System (EECS) framework.

AIB is the European Association of Issuing Bodies and it is an association which secures GO quality for electricity, gas and other energy carriers and gathers 28 countries from across Europe. In order to facilitate GO cross-border transfer among member GO registries, the AIB operates an inter-registry communications Hub called AIB Hub.

“Thanks to the close cooperation with Grexel and efforts by their professional team, we have one of the first gas-only GO registry connections to the AIB hub, which is a great success also for us. Being connected to the AIB hub in long run will ensure not only cost efficient GO cross-border transfers, but it’s expected to generally facilitate biomethane and other green gas market development by secure and transparent processes. We have developed needed IT, legal and physical infrastructure for biomethane GO issuance and transfers after first producers will become operational in Latvian market.” explains Uldis Bariss, Chairman of the Board of Conexus.

Creating new registry connections to the AIB hub shows the growing importance of renewable energy and also provides the benefits of harmonized GO system approach in Europe. Conexus encourages other AIB Gas scheme group observers who has been appointed by their governments to be gas GO issuing body (currently 19 organisations), also to move forward with process of connecting their registry to the AIB hub, in order to commonly develop effective gas GO transfers and market.