Conexus announces 5 new direct connection points to the natural gas transmission system

The single operator of the natural gas transmission and storage system Conexus Baltic Grid AS (Conexus) has identified five new direct connection points to the natural gas transmission system, thus expanding the regional coverage of locations where it is economically feasible for consumers to connect to the natural gas transmission system. In the future, system users will also have the opportunity to establish direct connections to the transmission pipeline system in Biksti, Džūkste, Krimulda, Bebru and Rožupe parishes.

The purpose of the direct connections is to allow biomethane producers, LNG system operators and natural gas users to assess, plan and implement the connection to the natural gas transmission system themselves, thus providing a more convenient solution that brings benefits to their business, such as energy savings and lower cost of ownership, in accordance with PUC rules.

So far, 14 locations have been identified in Latvia where Conexus has offered to build direct connections to the gas transmission pipeline system. The construction and commissioning of the first direct connection, which has served as a successful pilot for others, was completed in May this year. The connection was built in Priekuļi and was constructed by the compressed natural gas producer GasOn Ltd.

Ivars Ščerbickis, Head of Technical Development and Investment Department at Conexus, points out that the identification of new direct connection locations has been driven by the demand and growing interest of system users: "We have successfully completed the first direct connection in Latvia in Priekuļi, which serves as a striking proof that such a business direction is attractive for local entrepreneurship. As the segment becomes more popular, we will continue to increase the number of direct connection points each year and hope to make the service even more accessible in the future. To achieve this goal, Conexus experts are analysing the most cost-effective connection points across Latvia, while ensuring coverage in all regions."

To encourage interest in installing direct connections, Conexus has also revised and simplified the application procedure. After consultation with Conexus experts, interested parties are required to fill in a prescribed application form, which is assessed by a team of experts. The installation of the direct connection is carried out under the strict supervision of Conexus experts.