JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” joins the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance

As per the European green deal to make Europe climate neutral by 2015, JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” (Conexus) has joined the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance the aim of which is to expand comprehensively the hydrogen technologies and develop a viable investment program with specific projects aimed also at decarbonization of different industries.

Considering the European green deal, the demand for gas of fossil origin in chemically connected energy carriers could reduce after 2030 so it is important to reprofile the current gas infrastructure elements of Europe thus ensuring an infrastructure for cross-border bulk transportation of hydrogen and extending efficient and sustainable application of renewable energy in economy.

Technical adequacy of infrastructure, current regulation must be assessed and infrastructure planning for decision-making regarding the investments is required to accomplish this.

Already now, Conexus works purposefully at long-term projects related with energy conversion. Considering the National Energy and Climate Plan of Latvia 2021-2030, a research was made on decarbonization of gas network by analysing the possibilities to adapt the natural gas transmission system to input of AER hydrogen and other gaseous fuels, and an action plan is developed to create a hydrogen infrastructure.

Jānis Eisaks, Chairman of the Board of Conexus, continues: “Joining the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance is natural considering the course of Europe towards the decarbonization and tasks to create a hydrogen infrastructure. For us, this is a way how to help creating a climate neutral, integrated energy system the core of which is the renewable electricity, circulation, and renewable and low-carbon fuels. This is a complex and complicated work with high level priority over the next 10 years.”

More about the alliance: https://ec.europa.eu/growth/industry/policy/european-clean-hydrogen-allianc