Joint Stock Company “Conexus Baltic Grid” is inviting applicants for a CTO, Board Member position

Joint Stock Company “Conexus Baltic Grid” is inviting applicants for a CTO, Board Member position

The members of the Board of JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” (“Company”) have full-time employment. The members of the Board take decisions, sign contracts and other documents in accordance with the Articles of Association of the capital company and the authorisation of the Board. The members of the Board are solidary liable for the results of the work of the Board and the fulfilment of the targets.

1. Duties and responsibilities:

1.1.    Responsible for the achievement of the objectives set by the Company’s Council in the direction of the business;

1.2.    Responsible for the technical structural units of gas transmission and storage;

1.3.    Contributes to the development and implementation of the Company’s strategy;

1.4.    Ensures maintenance and development processes for the gas storage and transmission;

1.5.    Responsible for the development and implementation of the capital investments and maintenance plans;

1.6.    Ensures that the business line works with other structural units and takes decisions in line with the Company’s strategy;

1.7.    Ensures compliance with the Company’s policies and other regulatory enactments in their field;

1.8.    Takes decisions, signs contracts and other documents in accordance with the authorization;

1.9.    Manages day-to-day business, operational work processes within the mandate.

2. Requirements for fulfilling the duties:

Mandatory requirements:

2.1.    Higher education (academic or 2nd level professional);

2.2.    Proficiency in the national language at level C1 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and Article 6 of the National Language Law;

2.3.    Proficiency in English at least at level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;

2.4.    Experience of managing new or significantly improved technologies or large‑scale projects;

2.5.    Understanding of the energy sector and regulated companies;

2.6.    Work experience relevant to the criterion:

2.6.1. at least three years’ experience as a member of the Board or in a first-level management function (a first-level management position in the organization or a position reporting directly to the Board or the executive management comparable to the Board) in a mid-sized or large company;

2.6.2. Demonstrable engineering knowledge.

2.7.    Experience in team management (team building, team leadership, enhancing team productivity);

2.8.    Competences:

2.8.1. result orientation;

2.8.2. decision-making and accountability;

2.8.3. motivating and developing staff;

2.8.4. the ability to present, argue, persuade and engage in constructive dialogue.

Preferred requirements:

2.9.   Understanding of natural gas industry, natural gas market;

2.10. Work experience in a regulated energy sector;

2.11. Proficiency in English at least level C1 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages;

2.12. Understanding of the long-term financial, risk, personnel and crisis management of the Company;

2.13. The candidate must have excellent working ability (demanding work schedule, significant workload, making important decisions), motivation to achieve professional results and the ability to take responsibility for developing their own skills and abilities.

3.  Special conditions:

3.1.    A candidate cannot be a person:

3.1.1. who does not have a higher education;

3.1.2. who has been convicted of an intentional criminal offence, of criminal record cancellation or removal;

3.1.3. who, on the basis of a decision in criminal proceedings, has been deprived of the right to perform all types or a specific type of commercial activities;

3.1.4. who has been declared insolvent;

3.1.5. who is or in the last 24 months before the closing date for the submission of applications has been an official of a political party or an association of political parties in the context of a public application procedure.

3.2.    The candidate must meet the requirements of the law “On Prevention of Conflict of Interest in Activities of Public Officials” and the requirements for a member of the Board of the combined natural gas transmission and storage system operator set by the Section 111, Paragraph three, Point 4 of the Energy law;

3.3.     Candidates must have impeccable reputation, which means that there is no cause for reasonable doubt as to their impeccable reputation and no evidence to the contrary.

The position is ready to be filled from January 1, 2024. Remuneration: starting from EUR 9 000  per month (gross) with additional bonuses, and will be negotiated with the selected final candidate taking into account the Remuneration Policy of the Board and the Council of Joint Stock Company “Conexus Baltic Grid”. The hired candidate is awarded up to a five-year contract (with the possibility to extend the contract).

Nomination Commission has been established to ensure open and professional selection process consisting of the Chairman of the Company’s Council Ilmārs Šņucins, Member of the Council Viktors Sentuhovskis, and consultant – executive search company “Pedersen & Partners”.

The selection process will be organised in five rounds: (1) verification of the admissibility of the documents submitted by the candidates and their qualifications; (2) interviews with the candidates; (3) in-depth, semi-structured interviews with the candidates in English, tests; (4) testing by means of analytical and personality tests, verification of references, representations and warranties; (5) approval of the final candidate/-es at the meeting of the Nomination Commission and electing the Member of the Board (CTO) during the Council meeting (with additional prior discussions organized between the Council and the candidate/-s if necessary).

Applicants must submit a CV according to the form provided by the 23rd of October, 2023, sending it to Ms Eva Alberte, Country Manager Latvia at “Pedersen & Partners”: