Energy Law will ensure the establishment of a guarantee of origin system for gas

On July 14, in the third reading the Parliament supported the amendments to the Energy Law, which provide for the establishment of gas guarantee of origin system in Latvia and designates JSC Conexus Baltic Grid (Conexus) to become issuing body and registry administrator for guarantees of origin.

This is an important step for the development of renewable gases, because after the implementation of the guarantees of origin system in Latvia, it will give local renewable gas producers the opportunity to obtain guarantees of origin. Guarantee of origin is a document that proves, that the gas has been produced from renewable energy sources and will therefore be usable both in Latvia to prove to the end consumer that the energy used is environmentally friendly and will open up new opportunities for renewable gas producers to export it as well.

By becoming the guarantee of origin issuing body for the gas, Conexus is supporting and contributing to the green energy development. The necessary steps will be taken in the near future to ensure the implementation of European level standards and regulations in the field of energy guarantees of origin, that are in line with the requirements of the European Energy Certification System (EECS). Guarantee of origin system for gas will become operational on 1 July 2023, as required by the Energy Law.

2022.07.14 13:27:24