Pumping of natural gas in Inčukalns underground gas storage is completed

Yesterday on 19 October the unified natural gas transmission and storage operator in Latvia – JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” – completed the natural gas pumping cycle in Inčukalns underground gas storage. In the coming days it is planned to start the deliveries of natural gas from the storage.

This year members of the natural gas market have pumped 11,36 TWh of natural gas in the storage. The total accumulation of the active natural gas after the pumping season is 15,02 TWh, but the maximum amount of active natural gas in Inčukalns underground gas storage is 24,219 TWh.

The storage was commissioned in 1968 and its aim is to accrue the natural gas for the heating season during which the consumption of natural gas considerably increases and during which it is impossible to supply the natural gas in sufficient amount along the main gas lines.