Natural gas withdrawal season has started at Inčukalns underground gas storage 

The Unified System Operator for Transmission and Storage of Natural Gas Conexus Baltic Grid AS (Conexus) informs that on 15 October, at the beginning of the official natural gas withdrawal season, the Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage (UGS) had total natural gas stocks of 21.7 TWh.

The new withdrawal season started with the largest volume of natural gas stored in the storage facility in the last five years. Operational information shows that 12.7 TWh of natural gas was stored from 1 May this year until the official end of the natural gas injection season. 

During the natural gas injection season, around 70% of the total gas volume was supplied to the common area of Latvia and Estonia from Lithuania and 30% from Finland. 
In order to contribute to the security and continuity of natural gas supply, natural gas will be inject into the storage facility during the withdrawal season.