Conexus carries out repairs on the Izborska-Inčukalna UGS section

Conexus Baltic Grid AS (Conexus) informs that the 16.1 km long section of the transmission pipeline Izborska - Inčukalns Underground gas storage (Inčukalns UGS) is under repair works, which will last until December this year. The total cost of the project is more than EUR 3.6 million.

The Izborska - Inčukalns UGS gas transmission pipeline repair project is to be carried out in several stages, including the restoration of the external corrosion insulation, diagnostics and repair of identified pipeline defects, as well as the replacement of five crossing points of the pipeline with roads. At the same time, it is informed that the currently active insulation rehabilitation and repair works on the 16.1 km long section will not have any impact on road traffic flow.

Ivars Cibuļskis, Conexus Gas Transmission manager, says it is important to carry out the repairs preventively, before critical defects are detected. To maintain and operate it safely, we need to check the system preventively, so we regularly monitor the operation of all transmission lines and decide on remedial action when we find faults. At the same time, as the currently repaired section is one of the pipelines connecting the Conexus transmission pipeline with the natural gas system of a neighbouring country, this has allowed us to plan the works in such a way that the users of the system do not face any problems with the natural gas supply."

At the same time, Cibulskis stresses the importance of the repairs, which, once completed, will ensure enhanced safety of the transmission pipeline and a longer pipeline life.

The works are being carried out by the company Euro Enerģijas Serviss Ltd., which was selected in a tender procedure, under the close supervision of Conexus employees.