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Updating of shareholder’s data

Updating of shareholder’s data

In case the address, country of residence or payment data of a shareholder change, according to the Articles of Association he/she is obliged to inform theNasdaq CSD SE about the changes. We suggest using the Shareholders’ questionnaire for this purpose. The questionnaire can be sent signed with a safe electronic signature to, it can be submitted personally or sent by mil (in this case the signature shall be certified by a notary).

Download shareholder questionnaire HERE 

Settling of succession

To transfer the inherited shares, the heir has to submit the original of the inheritance certificate or notarized copy thereof and a filled in ad signed Shareholder’s questionnaire to the Nasdaq CSD SE. The documents can be sent signed with a safe electronic signature to, or submitted in paper form sent by mail to Nasdaq CSD SE or submitted in person.

Download shareholder questionnaire HERE  

Transfer of shares and notices

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