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Operating segments

The operation of JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” after the opening of the Latvian natural gas market on April 3, 2017, is divided into three basic segments: the management of the transmission system, the responsibility of the Inčukalns underground gas storage operator, as well as the fulfillment of the responsible functions of the market zone.

Transmission System Operator (TSO)

  • Ensures the stability of the transmission network and is responsible for technical balancing, which provides traders with uninterrupted and reliable supply options.
  • Ensures the continuity of the provision of natural gas services, maintaining the infrastructure in a technical manner and neutralizing gas supply disruptions.
  • According to the open Latvian market for natural gas, JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” provides traders with access to the gas transmission system.
  • Sells gas transmission system capacity products so that certified traders can use the transmission grid capacity to deliver their natural gas to their customers according to their needs.
  • Maintains a virtual point of sale (VPS), enabling certified traders to trade gas with each other.

Storage Operator (IUGS)

  • Provides capacity reservation, enabling traders to use the Inčukalns underground gas storage capacity in accordance with merchant sales plans.
  • Ensures the continuous operation of the Inčukalns underground gas storage facility by monitoring and controlling the stability of the storage, by inspecting and preventing damage to the infrastructure and investing in the development and safety of the storage.
  • Provides traders with access to Inčukalns underground gas storage, giving traders the opportunity to store natural gas in a strategically advantageous place and in the required amount, based on the volume of natural gas pumped by traders and the trading plan.

Market Zone Responsible (MZR)

  • Ensures the maintenance of the balancing account system.
  • Provides virtual trading point (VTP) operation.
  • Calculates traders’ commercial imbalances and monitors the implementation of the reserved capacity plan for traders.