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Environmental policy

In the infrastructure managed by the company, every year significant investments are made in the modernization and safety improvement of main pipelines and in the development of the technological system. International experts have recognized that the Inčukalns underground gas storage facilities are one of the most modern underground gas storage facilities in Europe, both in terms of technology and environment, and complies with all internationally agreed operating standards.

One of the basic principles of environmental policy of JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” is an assessment of the environmental impact of its activities, which is being carried out through studies on the interactions of the underground gas storage with the environment. The specialists of the company regularly investigate and establish ecological stability in the storage facility and its surroundings, as well as monitor and eliminate the risk factors. In order to ensure the sustainable and environmentally friendly development of the storage and transmission system, as well as to reduce the risks associated with the operation of the storage facility, an environmental management system has been introduced in the Incukalns underground gas storage facility. The storage has received the internationally recognized ISO: 14001 certificate.

Through the environmental management system, JSC „Conexus Baltic Grid” implements close cooperation with company's specialists, state institutions, operational services and the community in solving environmental issues. The compliance of processes with all international standards and European best practice is evidenced by the OHSAS 18001:2004 standard for the management of labor protection in underground gas storage.

In order to protect the inhabitants of the surrounding area and the environment from potential security risks, in Inčukalns underground gas storage facilities there have been installed various sizes of protective zones, modern fire and accident prevention equipment, including the practice and standardization of explosion prevention measures. One of the most important safeguards is the notification and monitoring technologies introduced in the Incukalns underground gas storage, as well as absorbent materials that in an emergency prevent the release of harmful substances in the environment and drinking water resources.

Also in the future, AS „Conexus Baltic Grid” undertakes to take care of the environmental impact of its business by investing not only in increasing the capacity and safety of the underground gas storage, but also in modernizing the main gas transmission systems.


AS Conexus Baltic Grid informē, ka sakarā ar neplānotiem remonta darbiem Inčukalna PGK kompresoru cehā, tiks samazināta Inčukalna PGK izņemšanas jauda no 246 000 000 kWh/d līdz 147 000 000 kWh/d laika periodā no 2020. gada 1. decembra gāzes dienas sākuma līdz 2020. gada 10. decembra gāzes dienas beigām (ieskaitot).


Due to the unplanned repair works at Inčukalns UGS compressor shop Conexus informs that withdrawal capacity of Inčukalns UGS will be reduced from 246 000 000 kWh/d to 147 000 000 kWh/d starting from the gas day December 1, 2020 until December 10, 2020 gas day (included).