PUC approves Inčukalns Underground Das Storage usage provisions

Council of Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has approved Inčukalns Underground Das Storage usage provisions submitted by JSC Conexus Baltic Grid. The regulations prescribe the Inčukalns Underground Das Storage usage procedure and they will be enforced on 1 June 2018 concurrently with the new storage tariffs.

The regulations prescribe the storage capacity reservation procedure anticipating that it can be implemented directly by submitting an application to the storage operator regarding the relevant capacity product, or indirectly by submitting a trade statement to the transmission system operator regarding the placement of natural gas in the storage. Similarly, the provisions stipulate the usage provisions of capacity products and virtual counterflow product.

The provisions prescribe also the procedure for transfer of the present natural gas volume and storage capacity, procedure for determination of the natural gas volume placed in storage, rights and obligations of storage operator and storage users. At the same time, the provisions prescribe criteria and procedure how storage operator can request the storage users to submit a security for liabilities performance. Draft provisions prescribe the cases when storage operator can stop or limit the storage service.

Before approval of the provisions, PUC arranged a public consultation so that the market players and other concerned parties have the possibility to give their suggestions and comments regarding the present draft provisions. During the public consultation, suggestions, objections and comments to PUC were submitted by JSC Conexus Baltic Grid, AS “Latvenergo”, AS “Latvijas Gāze”, UAB “Lietuvos Duju Tiekimas” and SIA “Enefit”. Most of the received suggestions are considered. 

Provisions are available HERE.