Regarding the unified transmission system entry tariff of Estonia, Latvia and Finlan

From 1 January 2020, the transmission system operators of Estonia, Latvia and Finland shall apply a unified entry tariff on the external borders of countries that have signed the ITC contract on 14 February, i.e. in Imatra, Narva, Värska, Korneti (Izborska) and  Kiemenai interconnection points with the transmission systems of other countries. From 1 January 2020, according to the provisions of ITS contract, the tariff limits among the mentioned countries are cancelled, including in the Estonia-Finland interconnection Balticconnector thus ensuring free movement of natural gas.

On 5 November 2018, JSC "Elering” and JSC "Conexus Baltic Grid” presented an application "Harmonized opinion regarding the entry tariff level and inter-operator compensation mechanism receiving” to the regulators of Estonia and Latvia.  According to it and the agreed position of regulators, the postage stamp principle is used for application of the unified entry tariff, the principle based on the transmission system entry tariff values of other EU countries offered for determination of the tariff reference price is recognized as justifies and the offered ITC mechanism - as appropriate for reaching the aim.

According to the agreed position of the regulators, the following tariffs will be applied in Estonia and Latvia external interconnection points from 1 January 2020:

  • Annual product: 142.77 EUR/MWh/d/annually
  • Quarterly product*:
    Q I – 39.05 EUR/MWh/d/quarter
    Q II – 39,05 EUR/MWh/d/quarter
    Q III – 39.48 EUR/MWh/d/quarter
    Q IV – 39.48 EUR/MWh/d/quarter
  • Monthly product:
    April, June, September, November – 14,63 EUR/MWh/d/monthly
    February* – 14.14 EUR/MWh/d/monthly
    January, March, May, July,  August, October, December – 15.12 EUR/MWh/d/monthly
  • Daily product – 0.59 EUR/MWh/d
  • Current daily capacity – 0.66 EUR/MWh/d

The multipliers and seasonal factor used to calculate the quarterly, monthly, daily and current day capacity tariffs:

Type of capacity








Current day


Seasonal factor - 1.0


* 2020 is the long year


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