BCP booking forecast for 2019/2020 storage cycle

BCP booking forecast for 2019/2020 storage cycle

According to the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) decision of April 26, 2018 review cycle for natural gas storage service tariff is 3 years. JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” has an obligation to submit to PUC a calculation of maximum tariff for Bundled unit capacity (BCP) product for the next storage cycle each year before December 30th.

The BCP’s maximum tariff value depends on BCP volumes booked and Market product (MP) revenue. BCP tariff of current storage cycle 2018/2019 is assumed based on forecasted capacity bookings of BCP - 3.5 TWh, and revenue of market product - 12 million EUR

Storage products booked on 1st August 2018:

  • BCP - 2.8 TWh
  • MP – 2.9 TWh.

JSC “Conexus Baltic Grid” forecast of bundled capacity product booking for storage cycle 2019/2020:

  • 4.1 TWh, with condition of first time booking of BCP in storage auction.
  • 1 TWh, with no conditions of storage products in storage auction

Table of calculation of bundled capacity product price you can find HERE. Further information on tariffs are available on the PUC website.