(w/ADD) - Public Utilities Commission adopts amendments to Inčukalns storage regulations and approves 2020/2021. annual storage cycle tariffs

On 12 March this year, the Public Utilities Commission approved amendments to the Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage Facility Terms of Use and adopted a decision on the application of tariffs for the natural gas storage service of the joint stock company Conexus Baltic Grid for the 2020/2021 storage cycle.

The Inčukalns Underground Gas Storage Regulations shall enter into force on the following day after publication - March 14. Tariff values will take effect on April 14, but storage products will be available for booking on March 17., the available capacity for booking will be post on the 16th of March, as per storage terms  -one day before the start of storage capacity booking.

You will find Storage capacity HERE.

In order to avoid complications in the process of storage capacity booking, please note that booking applications must be signed by authorized signatories. The application may be signed electronically or on paper form. If the application is signed by authorized persons, it must be accompanied by the power of attorney. Applications and accompanying documents must be sent by post to the Conexus office.

Inčukalns underground gas storage tariff values approved by the Public Utilities Commission for 2020/2021. storage cycle (without VAT):

1. Minimum value of the market product tariff: EUR 0.92000/MWh;

2. Virtual counter-flow product tariff: EUR 0.32200/MWh;

3. Maximum value of the bundled capacity product: EUR 1,37918/MWh;

4. Tariff of the two-year bundled capacity product - EUR 2,84741/MWh.

Decisions taken by the Public Utilities Commission are available on the official website www.vestnesis.lv.

2020.03.13 16:23:26